Enquire about our on site Radiation Safety Training today - tailored specifically for your particular needs

Radiation Safety Specialists for over 25 years, based in Queensland. Australia.

Each and every Radiation Practice is unique, that's where our onsite training can help. Training on your site allows your employees to be involved in both theoretical and practical components of training. The practical exercises provide the intending Radiation Safety Officer or Intending User the opportunity to be involved in real life scenarios. Examples are: Performing a radiation survey and conducting audits on the particular equipment that is unique to your Radiation Practice.  

Compliance Assessments

Assessment of all non medical radiation apparatus, sealed source apparatus and premises

Supply DOT A Containers

Manufactured by Hopewell Designs Inc who specialise in design and analysis for gamma, neutron, and X-ray shielding. Premier Manufacturers of radiation shielding including shipping casks,

ALARA shielding, and storage shields.

Source Disposal

sealed radioactive substances - all isotopes + Uranium & Thorium Compounds