McKavanagh Engineering Services

Welcome to McKavanagh Engineering Services Pty Ltd (“McKeng”)
Specialist Radiation services & consulting Australia and NZ.

McKeng offer the following services

  • Isotope (Sealed Source) Supply (Sealed sources for industry)
  • Isotope (Sealed Source) Disposal (All Sealed Isotopes ranging from Kr85 to Cs137)
  • Equipment Supply – Density and level gauges for process control
  • Personal Dosimeter Administration Services
  • Calibration Services
  • Survey Meter and Personal Electronic Dosimeter Supply
  • Wipe Testing and analysis
  • Site surveys and auditing
  • Site training specific to your radiation practice
  • Assistance with all regulatory applications in each state of Australia
  • Import permits
  • Certified Transport Containers for nuclear sources
  • Radioactive Device Approvals

Radiation specialists for over 25 years, based in Queensland. Australia

Who are we?

McKavanagh Engineering Services, perform a range of services on site for clients.  From radiation surveys to auditing of Radiation Safety & Protection Plans, Site Safety Practices and Safe Work Procedures. McKeng install, commission and assess site Radiation Apparatus. Regular surveys and site assessments can help ensure you remain compliant and are fulfilling your obligations.