User Training Courses

The user training courses are intended specifically for persons wishing to use ionising apparatus and sealed source apparatus in industry. The course provides practical information and working rules for the safe use of such apparatus. Each course is focused on the safe working rules for the particular type of Radiation Apparatus or Sealed Source Apparatus intended for use. 

An individual Use Licence is required for the following Radiation Practices:

- Industrial Radiography

- Field Portable XRF

- Portable Soil Density & Moisture Gauges

- Bore Hole Logging

General Course Contents Include

  • Properties of Ionising Radiation
  • Radiation Protection
  • Rules of Thumb for External Dose Calculations
  • Safety Measures with Ionising Radiation
  • Working Rules
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Practical Training
  • Transport
  • Obligations of the Licenced User

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