Sealed Source Disposal

Safely and efficient disposal of your radioactive source material
Under the releveant State & Territory Radiation Acts, radioactive sources that have reached the end of their recommended working life must be disposed of via an approved disposal agent.

MckEng is an approved disposal agent. You can be sure that the radioactive source is disposed of in compliance with all legislative requirements.

Disposal forms an integral part of the lifecycle management of radioactive sources and due to safety and security issues onerous government legislation applies.

A few reasons why companies need to dispose of radioactive sources include:

The source is past its recommended working life as set by the manufacturer;
The source has decayed to a state where it can no longer be used efficiently and requires replacement.
The source is no longer required i.e. plant decommissioning;

McKeng have the ability to download sources on client sites, this is a unique service not offered anywhere else in Qld. Our mobile hot cell facility allows for the safe downloading, inspection and wipe testing of sources prior to leaving your site.