Site Services

We perform a range of services on site for clients. From radiation surveys to auditing of Radiation Safety & Protection Plans, Site Safety Practices and Safe Work Procedures. We install, commission and assess Radiation Apparatus & Sealed Source Apparatus. Regular surveys and site assessments can help ensure you remain compliant and are fulfilling your obligations.

Calibration of site density/level gauges. Training for site personnel including site specific awareness training for radiation practices. Site wipe testing of gauges as specified in client radiation safety and protection plans.

Licensed to perform services for most states in Australia, including Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Northern Territory (NT) and South Australia (SA). McKavanagh Engineering Services have you covered.

Radiation Consulting Services

We offer assistance with design of Radiation stores, shielding, dose estimates and general radiation safety for all industrial radiation practices.

Assistance with regulatory applications such as:

  • Radiation Apparatus Approval
  • Radiation Safety & Protection Plans
  • Possession Licence
  • Use Licence
  • Radiation Safety Officer Certificate (RSO)
  • ARPANSA Import Permit
  • Dangerous Goods Declarations
  • Class 7 Transport (Including Security Enhanced consignments)
  • Supply of Shielding Containers
  • Wipe Testing and Analysis